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My story from Business to Shaman Healer

I worked as a consultant manager within finance and had responsibility for 50 employees. I had amazing years of development in my managerial role and a lot of fun in my work. But after some hectic years, life felt more and more empty despite my external success. My search began for a greater meaning with my life, a journey that went deep in my soul.


In 2001, I went on an eight-week trip to Peru to find the answers to my spiritual search. That journey was the beginning of a whole new life that took me to the international organization the Four Winds Society where I trained in shamanic energy medicine, a wisdom tradition from the Andes and Amazon in Peru. After completing the basic training for two years, I started assisting in their shamanic training program, and then went on to become a leading teacher in Europe. I worked for Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society for seven years. Again I experienced amazing years of development, this time in my spiritual growth and had heart opening journeys in Peru, the Amazon and Mexico.

Since then, I am working as a Shamanhealer and teacher in the Andean mystical tradition to mentor others in living with higher spiritual awareness that makes the soul shine in presence, power and purpose!
As a retreat leader, I choose beautiful places in nature's elements at venues with an eco focus on food and the environment. One of the healing wisdom teahings in the Medicine Wheel, is about how we live in the abundant garden of life upon Pachamama= Mother Earth. This I love to share in a practical way with my participants, to give a sense of wonder in how beautiful and precius our planet is.

My soul-mission is to contribute to a more conscious, illuminated world!

A world where our spiritual and physical dimension goes hand in hand and in harmonious relationship with the wisdom of nature, enabling health and well-being for all of life. It is for me important to live and walk with beauty in the everything, meaning I look for balance and a positive learning in my relationship to the outside world. This is what I strive for in all my actions, thoughts, and feelings. In this way, I believe we make this world so much more alive, free and loving!

I often hear that I have a medicine gift of opening peoples heart. For this gift I am infinitely grateful!

Through my work in healing ceremonies, classes, mentorship programs and shamanic journeys and retreats, Love is awakened as a force not just a feeling. It becomes a heart opening experience to what life is really about. This is of-course different for each person, and still the common theme is the understanding of what truly has heart and meaning. I choose to see and believe in the goodness of the human family. How we through our healed hearts can remember our true spirit as part of the circle of life here on Earth, and through that make good things happen for all of our relations. This is the fire that keeps me offering my work in the world.

What is your call? What do you see is needed in the world today? How do you share your unique gifts?

Welcome to heal your story and step into your Destiny, living what really matters to you!


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