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Empower Your
Growth & Dreams

Special Summer price for start-up Medicine Wheel Mentorship in June!

Medicine Wheel Mentorship

The Shamans way of healing and vision.

Are you tired of living that same story?
Do you have a longing to live more authentic, real, and true?
Does it feel exciting with the possibility to heal your life and open up more to the voice of your soul?

The shamanic life journey is a beautiful and profound spiritual experience, whose ancient wisdom and mysticism give meaning to your unique potential and conscious pathway towards peace and harmonious relationships.

The Inka Medicine Wheel is a Shaman training with Andean wisdom teachings and ancient healing practices that makes the soul shine!

Shamans are change-makers, healers and visionaries. They are the ones who courageously find new ways to create a more beautiful world with win/win for everything. In this Shaman education you train your eyes to see beyond illusions and limitations to positive possibilities, which increases your senses and awareness for everything around you. This is a powerful life skill for health and success, on all levels.

The Medicine Wheel is now offered as a 1 year mentorship program  with me as a mentor. You learn the mystical path of Shaman to heal your story and to open your relationship to the spiritual world of infinite possibilities. Welcome to the Shamans world of harmony, power and light! Below you find more details about how the Medicine Wheel Mentorship is being designed for you!

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