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Shamanic Mentorship

Designed uniquely for you!


Mentorship is a wonderful way to change your story and with that grow into a new phase in your life. Here you find  different topics in Shamanic Energy Medicine for you to learn and grow with. No matter if you are new to the Shamans world of healing & vision or are an advanced student, I meet you where you are and design it for your needs and desires.

Feel free to contact me and we book a meeting to talk more!

Soul Healing

Take a mythic journey and heal your soul!

Do you feel empty inside dispite material comfort? Watching your life from the outside? Or having a sense of numbness, lack of vitality in life?

Those are all symptoms of soul loss, seen as a spiritual illness in shamanic terms. No material from the outside world or mind logic can heal this. Healing happens in the energetic first, then the both mind and body are informed with renewed life-force.

Soul Healing is a great journey in yourself that raises your awareness of how to live in a healthy, harmonious, and empowered way with guidance from your inner world of wisdom.

Welcome to shine in your life!


Date with Destiny

Destiny is about living in yes to life! About taking that leap of faith towards what calls you in your soul.

Destiny are opportunities that are unique for you. It is about your path and your life-purpose that calls you in your heart and soul. Even if you hear it, or know it, it will never come knocking on your door. You have to meet it in the moment from that certainty of Yes, and actually rise to it!

This mentorship program will bring you clarity, support, and signposts to follow. It contains healing ceremonies, shamanic wisdom and initiations to strengthen your energy body as we create an exciting new mythic map for you to journey with. In order to bring your destiny to fruition, you must jump into the adventure with both feet and do your part. You need to bring you willingness to change and your courage to evolve into what makes your soul rejoice! Are you ready?

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The Shaman Dreamer

Consciously dreaming the world into reality is one of the Shaman's powerful gifts.

Unlike goals, which have an end point, dreams are a way of life. Visions of the Soul has passion fueling them, which is why they find ways to manifest in the world without the use of force or willpower. Conscious dreaming requires focus and a mindset to keep life high in how we choose to see opportunities. In this mentorship program, you will learn energy knowledge in how to manifest from dream to manifestation through your intention, your feeling, thought, and action.

Our 5 meetings include healing sessions, meditations, and shamanic wisdom to bring harmony in your creativity to what is important to you. What do you want to create right now? Welcome to choose a dream to work with together with me as a mentor during our weeks together!

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Wisdom Wheel

Upgrade your Medicine Wheel and your mesa by this personally designed mentorship.

Welcome to take a 2nd journey in the Medicine Wheel with me as a mentor to deepen your Shaman walk in the world. You revisit the teachings and the initiations to remember and highlight your medicine, and with this create anew. This is a golden opportunity to exchange stones in your altar to renew healing, magic and dreams in your life.

After an East class, the shaman is said to live in the center of the Medicine Wheel for balance and power regardless of what happens in the outside world, so our 5th meeting is about just that, how you live in the center of your mesa as a portal into mysticism.

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