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The mystical path to heal your soul and open vision for the possible.

Our planet is something to love and cherish, from it we can receive a deeper understanding of ourselves. You first have to understand and connect with yourself in order to understand your purpose on Earth.

- Qero spirituality


Welcome to the Shaman World!

For more than 20 years, it has been my passion to offer Shamanic healing and spiritual development through the mysticism and healing wisdom of the Andes for a higher dimension of well-being, self-leadership and positive change. I love to see people heal, spiritually grow, and have the courage to step forward to live their dreams!

I welcome you to the Shaman world of healing and vision through my classes, healing sessions and mentorship programs. They offer different levels of ceremonies and initiaitons to make your soul shine!

NOTE: Alla program erbjuds även på Svenska.


Special Summer price for start-up Medicine Wheel Mentorship in June!

Medicine Wheel Mentorship

The Inka Medicine Wheel offer you an amazing healing journey through
the sacred four directions, power animals and elements. Through its wisdom teachings and healing ceremonies you remember yourself anew, remember your soul mission and the power of living from the heart.  
It is designed for you who wish to heal your life and spiritually grow as a visionary while discover more of who you are from a soul perspective. It is a shaman training towards higher consciousness of being and acting in the world. The journey is about healing your past, learn to walk in balance on the power path of life, master your time, shaping the world and consciously participate in co-creation of reality. 


Shamanic energy medicine is lightning the way to a higher level of consciousness in how you live and lead yourself from wisdom, heart and power. Welcome to a beautiful shamanic training that bridges mind with heart and the inner world with outer expression. From a place of wholeness we are changing the world!

Lets Connect!

There is a sacred place within all of us where our highest dreams of life are found. In shamanic energy medicine, everything is about living in power, balance and harmony in order to have the energy to realize and live what we desire. Often we have a history that needs healing and with it limitations on what we think is possible, which keeps us stuck in what we already know. Safe, but not so exciting when life just rolls on and dreams wither...

Do you want to learn more about how you can heal your inner self and gain access to more creative inspiration and clarity on your very unique life journey, personally or professionally? Feel free to contact me and we book a phone meeting to talk more on your needs and desires. I look forward to hear from you!

Thank you for your message!

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