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händer som sträcker sig mot himlen

Grow Your Vision

Become the master of your Medicine Wheel

Welcome to four advanced classes in shamanic energy medicine that are for you who carries a full mesa, classes that take you deeper into the Andean mystical teachings for what has heart and divine purpose.

Shamans, change-makers, and visionaries develop themselves and their ability to see potential of something new. They are the ones who courageously walk new pathways of an expanding awareness of what may be.


Are you one of them? One who dreams of taking your medicine to a higher level of engagement in your world? Are you willing to take new steps in your spiritual development and challenge your old approaches and limiting patterns? Then this exciting and advanced Shamanic program is your next step!                                             

The first class Shaman's Altar is about the mystic teachigns of the mesa and how you work in it and use it for your dreams and life processes, which becomes a strong foundation in your shamanic life. Next is Luminous Warrior, you'll dive deep into the Jaguar's medicine to learn all about how to hold power, balance and protection in life regardless of external circumstances. In Date with Destiny, which is the deepening of North and the hummingbird, is about the importance of passion, joy and simplicity in order to live and answer yes to your Soul mission. And in The Dreamer you will learn shamanic techniques, meditations and spiritual approaches that will empower the visionary within you.

Welcome to one class, or two or all of them! Read more about those beautiful classes in Andean mystical teachings in the program presentation below. There you find dates and logistics on the whole certification program. Hope to meet you in the Swiss alps in May!


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