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How to live satisfied and fulfilled through your Saiwas, your 3 power centers.

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3 worlds Cosmology of Inca Shamanism.

The structure of Inca cosmology contains of 3 worlds. The only world that is physical is the middle world which is called Kaypacha, the world where we live and manifest our everyday reality. The other two worlds are not physical places, they are archetypical energetic domains. The Lower world, Ukhupacha is our sub-conscious place of dreams, intuition, and shadow. The Upper world, Hanaqpacha, is of our destiny and our spirit.

According to the Inca prophecy there will be a time when these 3 worlds will coalesce into one. The Hanaqpacha and Ukhupacha merging with the Kaypacha to create one paradisiacal world here on Earth. We can each contribute to this spiritual transformation by living in Ayni. Ayni means to live in harmonius relationship and stewardship with the Earth and all living beings. For Andean shamans, Ayni is an important life principle as it creates harmonic flow in giving and receiving. When we live in Ayni we have so much cosmic support if we have the intention of manifesting something that serves more than the ego.

We like the Andean shamans can work energetically within the realms of the 3 worlds, facilitating the flow of Ayni between all 3 by creating an energetic column of light called a Saiwa.

Your Saiwas.

According to inca cosmology each human are gifted with 3 power centers to use in our lives;

The head (Yachay = to think), The heart (Munay = to feel compassionate love) and the body (Llankay= to manifest powerfully). When each gift is in alignment with the others and we are in Ayni, we are able to manifest successfully in the world.

Yachay - Our thoughts are inspired and creative. We receive intuitive guidance from our higher self or those in the etheric realm. Munay - Our feelings are excited, enthusiastic and passionate. We feel and trust our heart guidance in relationship to the bigger whole and know that next step. Llankay - Our actions are reliable and productive. We make good things happen. We follow through and keep our promises to ourselves and others. We are able to effectively serve ourselves, our families and our communities. We feel satisfied and fulfilled.

When we are struggling to manifest in the world, we can track infertility back to our feelings and our thoughts. We may find that we are not feeling good about ourselves. Or we are not holding positive thoughts long enough for them to create. Self-doubt may be sabotaging us. Fear of failure or fear fo success may be blocking us. Have a look inside yourself of why you are in struggle.

Meditation and reflection.

When in disharmony with your capacity to manifest, one great way is to reflect or meditate on the following for 15 minutes a day and journal about your insights so that truth is visible for you;

Look at your motivations. Are they purely self-serving? How can you shift into a more collective mode? Your heart desire. Are you feeling passionate about it or is it just an intellectual idea? Listen to your heart - what wants to express itself and how? Trust your wisdom. Each person has a unique medicine, a unique voice, skill, gift that the world wants. How can you serve with it and progress through your own destiny path of spiritual satisfaction?

You are creating your world.

Focus on thoughts and feelings that uplift you to create clarity in your mind and heart. Discipline your mind, guard your thoughts. Do not allow yourself to feed negative thoughts that bring you down or make you doubt yourself. Remember, we are all flowers in the garden of life here on Earth. So, who are you to not shine in your wisdom, your love and your loving service to the world? Like the shaman of the Andes, work your inner reality to align your 3 power centers to manifest your heart´s desire for the highest good. Keep shining your light!

Meditation on Huyana Picchu, Peru
Saiwa Meditation in Peru

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