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Magic is a way of living not thinking.

Magic is part of the unknown, that which we cannot describe but which exists and makes our lives extra ordinary. The power of magic has the ability to transform our most difficult and toughest challenges into a new light and promise of a better world, as long as we learn to focus on our own inner power instead of being distracted by the outer world and what is not working. If we want to live more magic in our lives it is so important to see the world full of possibilities!

Moon magic shining through a prayer feather
Prayer feather with the full moon shining through

Magic is awareness, a joyful attitude of fully living!

Magic exists, it is to understand the spiritual dimension of divinity in your life. It's accepting that there's more to life than your physical eyes can see. Magic is what happens when something comes from the unknown. When we are in touch with our inner world, we have a sense of oneness with the divinity that is our spiritual life force. Inspiration comes from the spiritual life force. Inspiration is the fuel needed to be in action with life.

Magical thinking is the other side of magic. It's when you wait for a person or event to come along and magically make everything in life for the better. We call it fantasy and we all need these wings of flying away sometimes to re-kindle our passion or have a personal inner retreat, but if you get stuck in the fantasy as an escape from your everyday life, the risk is that deep down you are just waiting... Waiting until one day you realize that life isn't magical anymore because you wasted time on magical thinking instead of acting on your dreams.

To have power in life, we must also take opportunities to act with power. It is easy we come up with excuses instead... it is not the right time, when I am in better shape, or when I have more money... it is all fear based on limiting beliefs that keep us pushing what we want into the future instead of having the courage to powerfully act on our dreams. Yes, there is always a risk! But when you believe in yourself sourcing from your inner power of passion, magic is also available!

How can you transform your life to live more magic?

How can you create a closer connection with your spiritual life force with inspiration and passion to live your truth? (not just give energy to the imagination)

One great way is to pay attention to synchronic events in your life. You can never think synchronicity into being, it happens and you are there to experience it! This is how magic speaks and shows the way. Those events gives guidance on where energy flows... a gift of consciousness from the universe that we need to be present with if we want to live more magic.

When this happens in my life, I joyfully see it as a sign I am in harmony with the cosmic river of life. The river of creative flow moving me forward with out any push or pull to make happen, it is for me how magic makes it self seen in the material world. With an inner smile I always send out deep gratitude to spirit without loosing my sense of personal power in the action, I actually invite more of it!

So here comes 3 small things you can do to welcome more magic into your life!

  1. Make a conscious choice to shift the negative thoughts and perception patterns that stop you from living your dreams. One way to get out of thoughts and limiting ideas is to be active physically. Get out into nature... run or walk and consciously breathe (Mother Earth is the best Healer) Start to think about how it can work! What ever we pay attention to is what we get more of, positive or negative.

  2. Start gathering facts about something that interests you. You are breaking free of lifes restrictions when you let your creativity flow into every aspect of your day. You bring the divine into manifestion in what you are creating.

  3. Give yourself new experiences! It's important to expand life as we open up to living magic. Try a new taste, go a new way, try a new café, choose a new author to read, go to a place where you've never been, invite a new friend... The options are endless on how you can open up and become more inspired in your life in the small and in the big. Being open creates more opportunities for synchronicity. A place where life flows without resistance or push for something to happen.

Do you feel inspired to try it out? Practicing those easy steps to invite more magic in your life? Welcome to leave a comment below, it can be a question or feedback on how you do it!

If you like to learn more on how to live with magic you are so welcome to any of my mentorship programs. All of them works to come in harmonious flow from inner reality to outer expression.

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