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What is a shaman mesa?

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Inka means the child of the sun, the one who shines with power and wisdom and has the ability to create balance and harmony in all contexts. It means the one who shines and positively influences everything around them. The Inca symbolizes spiritually conscious light that opens the heart's power of love and becomes a healthy bridge of balance to our well-developed intellect and modern society of logic. Thinking with the heart means feeling what is the right course of action, trusting the intuition and gut feeling that exists within each person. Imagine what a different society we would live in when the wisdom of the heart is with us!

Creating a mesa through a Shaman training.

In the shaman training around the Inka Medicine Wheel, each participant builds their personal and unique altar of medicine stones, a mesa. Through ceremonies and initiations, every stone in a shaman's mesa is a healing energy and in relation to the source of the Inka tradition, i.e. The spiritual light of the Andes. The altar is a place of power, not just the stones in it, which can be used in its entirety to release negative energies. We say it does its michui - takes out the heavy and lets its healing power flow back in. A mesa purifies itself through fire, it is one of the important aspects of the fire ceremonies of tradition but also the nature of fire that awakens and strengthens within us in these ceremonies. The elements of fire that transform, heal and activate the passion that dwells in the heart.

A shaman mesa is so much more than just a collection of stones, it is an altar of medicine, beauty, and power. Everyone who builds their mesa must earn every single medicine stone in it by making their personal healing journey through the Medicine Wheel and its wisdom. A journey that often challenges our fears and limitations, but give so much of light, inner peace and spiritual strength back when we have the courage to meet ourselves in the process required to heal our lives and expand our dreams.

Why a mesa?

A shaman's mesa becomes a mirror as well as a portal of undeveloped potential to that person's life. A mesa holds dreams, prayers, and visions on a mythical level of life and, through initiations, is strongly connected to its owner. If a mesa bearer wants to change something in life, she first opens her mesa and reads her mirror of the present before symbolic and energetic shifts occur. The usual thing is to make changes directly in the outer physical world, but for a shaman it is important to first shift in energy and symbolic language with what she wants to inform the physical world. In this way, intention and energy are focused on the spiritual as well as the material.

Do you have a dream of changing your life and discover more about what truly has heart and meaning for you from a soul-perspective? Come and explore your inner resources and gifts through the ancient healingwisdom and mysticism of the Andes! Through the Medicnie Wheel training you are creating your unique mesa that connects you to the sacred in a beautiful form of medicine stones.

Interested to know more? Please click on the link below. You are invited to a magical journey of self-discovery!

Mesas built through Andean shamanism
Shaman mesas

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